TBL Teams 2021


Panthers have been a official team in the TBL since the 2017/2018 season. Panthers seen some improvement last year finishing in the 4th spot. This year the team have lost key point guard Iker Leus however the team have made key recruitments in player Chris borrow, Sam Rodgers and Kent Z.Lomeria. The team includes 2019/20 most improved Hamish Milner & 2019/20 ROTY Scott Edward’s.


The TBL provides basketball to players across Wiltshire and surrounding areas.The Bath Spartans are living prove of this! The Bath Spartans have gone through a complete rebuild over the summer break. They have merged with some senior players from fromer team KBI. The team includes 2020 Sportsman of the year Dion Smith. We will see the return and debute for many players on this team.


The Hawks formerly known as the ‘Original’ Hawks have been in the league since it began. However this team was the foundation of the Club and are a memory of when we once participated in WEBBA. The team includes 2016/17 & 2017/18 MVP Steve Wallis, 2019/20 DPOY Connor Ware and senior players such as Matt Analts, Nathen Bold and Mark Jones. They have proved to be consistent, winning the League last in 2017/2018. Expect them to contend again in 2021.


The huskies debuted in the 2018/2019 season. They were the youngest in our league and are the future of Trowbridge basketball Club. They came into the 2019/20 season showing some great improvement. They head into the 2020/21 season as a new team after merging with the tigers. Their roster includes 2020 MVP Steve Conteh, Three point contest winner Kyle McGuinness. We will also see the return of senior member Gioven Posa.

Bristol Butterflyers

A new team for the TBL 21/22 season. They come into our League with a 14 man squad with promising new players to our club. We will see the return of familiar faces in Mac Citbog, Darren Amador and Dan Palos. They are lead by Bristol Flyer Junior coach Angelo Atienza. We look foward to seeing them in action this August.

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