Return to Basketball

We are happy to announce a return to our sessions starting from 23rd of September!

Our CVL returns for another year and with 7 teams registered it’s shaping up to be a good season!

TBL Regular season starts 21st of October 7-10pm

Need Practice?

Don’t worry our TBL team training is making a return. After the sessions success last year we have decided to run these sessions once again.

TBL team Training – 23rd of September – 14th of October

Phoenix Flames return for yet another season!

The women’s side have been going longer than any team within our club and we are happy to see them return again this year. The Phoenix Flames will be hoping to play in the webba league again this year after a great winning streak last season.

Women’s Training – 27th of September 7-10PM

Our most popular session returns!

Sunday scrimmage sessions are our most popular men’s session and the session is ideal for new and existing members of the club.

Sunday scrimmage – 27th of Septmeber 5-6.30PM

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