We lost our hero

On the 10th of April after a long battle our Founder, coach and friend Vince Marriott(Vin) sadly passed away.

Vince had a huge impact on so many of us. He was always there to provide us with support and guidance and did it so selflessly.

Vince also had a great impact across the whole basketball community including his work in refereeing, coaching and development.

He put so much of his time and efforts into basketball and developing young athletes.

He has led and helped in the development of Junior programmes here at Trowbridge and in Bristol.

Vince founded our Central Venue League in 2014 which then formally become the TBL in 2017.

Vince also was involved with Bristol Flyers and most recently an assistance coach for under 14s national League side .

He will always be remembered at our club as the remarkable man that provided us with a club that all can attend to play the sport we all love.

In the coming weeks our committee will be discussing options where we will honour Vince anually. We will also be discussing the options to run a charity event to raise money for kidney research uk.

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