What a busy week!

Trowbridge basketball club has had a busy week as our new Junior programme and women’s basketball got underway!

Our sold out 13 Week Junior programme had a successful first week despite our lead coach Matt Analts having to isolate. We seen a total 47kids walk through our sports hall doors on Monday the 13th. We hope they all enjoyed there first session and are excited for future sessions with our Club.

Women’s basketball made a return on Sunday the 12th. The ladies have finally got back to indoor basketball and it was great to see players from Bristol attend our training sessions. The ladies are always looking for players to join there friendly community!

On Saturday we announced that we will be returning to Men’s WEBBA a local League we once took part in over 7years ago. This is exciting news for us as a Club and will help us to provide development for TBL(Central Venue League) players. This will help towards our aims to provide a recreational CVL easily accessible to new players. Although more planning needs to be done before we can register within the League.

New updates to our website will be made in the upcoming days to reflect the developments from the club.

2 thoughts on “What a busy week!

  1. Do you have any spaces left for your junior club.my son is 10 years old and is very keen.he plays constantly on our drive and at the local park but needs some proper training.


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