As we are an ever expanding Club we are seeking Qualified and Unqualified coaches to help deliver our sessions.

Maybe you are a Player and would like to try some coaching or perhaps you would like to choose coaching has a career path.

Current opportunities

Webba Women’s Coach – We are seeking a coach (qualified or un-qualified) to drive our Flames to success. They are the longest outstanding team part of our Club. The Ladies are a great team and are really fun to be part off. The team continues to grow with the growth of our Club.

Voluntary position

Benefits include:

Play within the Club for your chosen team or session for Free(Excluding TBL)

Level 2 Coaching course paid by the club (Subject to conditions)

Tools and Equipment provided to conduct role

Unqualified coaches

We will provide you with the training and help you need to achieve your qualification. You will have the unique opportunity to assist one of our experienced coaches and receive expert guidance.

Your course will be paid for by the club which costs over £200! You will be expected to complete 10 voluntary sessions before you undergo your course. We will also provide you with essential equipment such as coaching pad, stationary and other coaching items. Once qualified you’ll be paid at the rate stated below.

Qualified coaches

We are a voluntary Club however we feel our Coaches play one of the most vital roles for the development and Runnings of our Club. Therefore we feel it’s essential to ensure they are rewarded for their efforts at our Club. Any new qualified coach to our Club will still be expected to start voluntary under a 1 month trial period. This is much as a benefit for the Club as well as it is for you as the coach.

Coaches will report to our head of Coaching Matt Analts

Coaching rates of pay

Level 1 assistant Junior coaches – Voucher or gift of choice up to £100

Level 2 experienced £5 per hour or Play for chosen team for free (Club only)

Level 2 Highly experienced £10 per hour and play for chosen team for free (Club only)

Level 3 Senior Coaches £15 per hour and play for chosen team for free (Club only)

Enquire or apply today!


Chairman – Adam Storey

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