Trowbridge Basketball Club Raffle 2019

This year for our All-Star event on February the 5th we will be holding our first ever raffle!

Top Prizes

  1. 2 Hospitality tickets for a Bristol Flyers game worth £70+ (Specific game subject to availability) donated by Bristol Sport.
  2. 2 tickets to either a Bristol City football or Bristol Bears Rugby game (Specific game subject to availability) donated by Bristol Sport.
  3. Free exterior window cleaning service from Omega Window cleaning.

More prizes will be announced!

Raffle Ticket prices:

£1.00 a ticket or £5.00 a line

Raffle Tickets will be on SALE on the night from 7PM – 9PM.

So make sure to attend our Event!

The money raised will go to Trowbridge Basketball Club. This will help us improve our services and equipment.

All-Star night 2020

ALL-Star game

7.15pm – 8.30pm

3point contest

8.40pm – 9.10pm

Sunday scrimmage

9.15pm – 21.45pm

Join us on Wednesday the 5th of February 2020 for our annual All-Star night. The night features a full length All-Star game and 3point contest. Come watch the finest players from our TBL and see who is crowned our 2020 All-Star MVP and 3point contest winner.

All-Star Voting NOW OPEN

Please vote for who you believe deserves a place in our All-star line-up this year. You must vote for ONLY two players per team. Trowbridge Basketball club will decide the two captains who will lead their team. We will also be automatically adding two players(One player to each team) who we feel have made vast improvement during the 2019/20 season this far. Each team will have 8 players on their roster in total.

This year you will also have the opportunity to vote for players you feel deserve to be part of the 3point contest!

The results will be released on Friday the 24th of January


3v3 Event

This Year Trowbridge Basketball Club host an official 3v3 event on Wednesday 27th of November 2019 . The event will feature 8 teams from across Wiltshire and beyond.

The event will run from 7pm till 10pm with each team playing at least 8 games. The tournament will also feature playoffs where the winning 2019 team will be crowned champions.

Come support your local club, Entry is free!

Make sure to watch out for the post-event report!

Fresh New Look

This is our very first post on our brand new website! At Trowbridge Basketball Club we are always trying to provide the best service for our players. This website is a big step forward in the right direction. This year we have provided more sessions than ever before and we continue to go above and Beyond to meet the increasing Demand. Take 5 minutes to browse our new site!