Trowbridge Basketball League (TBL)

A central venue League Based at St.Augustine’s Catholic College in Trowbridge.

Our Central Venue League provides structured games on a weekly basis. The TBL year includes a Regular season, annual events such as our All-Star night and Friendly tournaments including 3v3 and Exhibition games.

The league has been on the rise since it’s inception in 2014 and was recognized for its efforts in 2015 by receiving a ‘Highly Commended’ in National Satellites Award.

National Satellites Award 2015

How it works?

1. Schedule a free visit

Come visit us at your preferred TBL affiliated session. These include Team Practice, TBL season games and Sunday scrimmage. You will meet with one of our session leaders and be given the opportunity to play ( excludes TBL season games)

2. Join our Free agent tracker

After attending our sessions you will be given the opportunity to join our Free agent tracker. This will allow Team Reps looking for new players to contact you.

3. Find a team

You may be contacted via our free Agent tracker or meet our team Reps at one of our sessions. You do not need to join our League and you may join at your own pace. We reccomend searching for a team before our Regular season has commenced as this is the optimum time for team’s to recruit.

3. Sign-up

Once you have joined a team or registered your team in our League you must sign-up. Each player in the TBL is required to Register for our TBL Membership. New Players to our League are given a two week trail Period.

4. Enjoy your basketball Journey

Now most importantly enjoy your Journey at our Club. As a member of the TBL you will have the opportunity to play in seasonal events such as 3v3, All-star night and Club exhibition Tournaments!

CVL League structure

Our Central venue League features a pre-season, regular season and playoffs. Our TBL Season typically runs from October to April/May depending on teams registered. You can find our schedule here at TBL Schedule & Standings

Where to find us
Register your team into our League today!

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We allow all teams to recruit throughout the regular season thus allowing new players the opportunity to play.

Register your interest


We are proud of our Senior members, you are a testament to the success of our club.

Not Registered yet?


Are you new to the area or want to return to the sport? Our Central Venue League is ideal for you. why? Because there is no pressure to Join a team and you can get into it at your own pace!

Our Sunday scrimmages are great place to start!

New Team’s

Please read and understand our TBL Rules and Structure before joining our league.

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Watch us in action!

Trowbridge basketball Club

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Session location

Wingfield Rd, Trowbridge BA14 9EN

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