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Trowbridge basketball club is a big community of friends/families and teammates. We take the upmost pride in providing a service to our community that is fun, safe and engaging. Basketball has it’s many benefits each which are different for all our members. We have many opportunities to join our steering committee, See below for more details.

Available roles

  • TBL Manger – Manages TBL affairs
  • Digital team – Creates content and promotes the club via digital platforms
  • Events Manger S- Organises and manages club events and also attends local community events
  • Session Leaders – Responsible for organising and leading scrimmage sessions
  • Results secretary – records and publishes game results

If you or anyone you may know is interested in taking up a role within our growing committee. Please contact us by email at

Not sure we have a role suited for you? We welcome all members to offer their skills and experiences to our growing club. Don’t hesitate to contact us via email at

Trowbridge basketball Club

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Session location

Wingfield Rd, Trowbridge BA14 9EN

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