TBL Player Registration

Please read below before completing form.

You must Register below before you are eligible to play for your team in the upcoming season. New players to the club are given a two week trial period before they must then register for their respective team. If you have been inactive from the club for 3years or more you will also be eligible for the above.

New updates 06/01/2021

To make our registration more simple and easy to understand we have now removed our TBL membership which has been replaced by a simple registration fee. Everything is the same, you still receive the same great benefits, access to our League and all for the same price!

So what’s changed? Our members will now be required to pay this fee before they are able to register. You can simply complete your registration below.

Player registration

Deadline *10th of july*

TBL registration fee:

Was £12 now Only £4.99 for all ages!

TBL Registration fee

Due to the Covid-19 outbreak we are offering our existing and new members a discount of over 50%!

Registration provides you access to the TBL season and All-star night 2022.

Registration form


I confirm that all information provided is accurate to the best of my knowledge. I understand that my personal information may be used in case of an emergency. See our Privacy notice.

Need to Register your team?
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