We have both a Men’s and Women’s team at senior level. Both team’s compete in Local League WEBBA. Every year we compete against team’s across Bristol, Wiltshire and surrounding areas.


West of England Basketball Association(WEBBA) is a League that covers the west of England.

Trowbridge basketball Club is one of the few Clubs outside of Bristol within the League. Our Men’s WEBBA team the ‘Trowbridge Hawks’ re-enter the local League after 7years! Why after 7 years you may ask?

Due to the recent success of our Central Venue League ‘TBL’ we have developed an increased demand for more competitive play. Joining WEBBA once again also provides natural development for players from Central Venue League.

So don’t worry if WEBBA is not for you, we have opportunities to join our recreational League before you may wish to commit to our WEBBA team.


See below for more details on our Men’s team.

*The Flame reignites*

Our Women’s WEBBA team the ‘Phoenix Flames’ re-enter the League after a long break due to Covid-19. The friendly team are always welcoming new players into their family. The Flames certainly ignited last season in 2019 when the women went on a impressive 4-0 win streak. They hope to get back to similar ways heading into the new season.

Women are also welcome in our Central Venue League ‘TBL and often is seen as a good way to develop when resorting back to Women’s games.


See below for more details on our women’s team.

Registration & Licence

Each Player that wishes to play within these WEBBA teams must register with Basketball England and hold a Player Licence. See below for step by step guidance on how to do so.

Club fees

We have made it even more simple to pay your fees required from each player to play within our WEBBA teams.

One-off payment £45 a year

The one-off payment covers the your BE Player Licence, Club registration fees and other fees associated to WEBBA. Please make sure when submitting your player licence you select the ‘Club pays fee’ option. As this included within your one-off payment above.

The club also needs to ensure we cover costs of the court and referees for our games. So as result we have now included a monthly Direct Debit of £30 a month! For only £30 a month you get at least two training sessions and up to 4 games.

We want to avoid dealing with heavy amounts of cash so if you want play within a WEBBA team please sign-up for the monthly fee as soon as possible.

We understand that some players may only want to train before they join either team. In this case you will be able to pay as you train at £7.50 Per session(not including games). If you wish play in the games you must sign-up for the Direct debit.

£30 a month


Training is vital to both WEBBA team’s. In order for the teams to develop good teamwork, cohesion and chemistry. Training is also key to improve fitness levels, develop fundamental skills and adopt a positive attitude.

Without training we can not play to our potential. Hard work and commitment to training will see that our team’s and club see many successes that we know we deserve. Let’s get at it!

Women’s Training

£7.50 Per person

Every Sunday (Excluding game nights)


Men’s Training

£7.50 Per person

Every Sunday (Excluding game nights)


Location for both sessions

St.Augustine’s Catholic College, Trowbridge, BA14 9EN

Trowbridge basketball Club

Trowbridge basketball League here

Junior basketball here

Senior Basketball here


Schedule a visit here

Session location

St.Augustine’s Catholic College, Wingfield Rd, Trowbridge BA14 9EN

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